Major retail sales

With most things it’s not “What you know”, it’s “Who you know” – and selling a product into the UK retail channel is all about the latter. RTM have direct relationships with over 5000 buyers, sitting across multiple categories across the major retail, distribution, wholesale, reseller and on-seller channels.

Outsourced Sales Office

RTM provide an end to end outsourced UK Sales office Solution in the UK. This means that our offices and people can be used for a multitude of official activities on your behalf. We can set up Limited companies, set up VAT registration, place our address as your office address and look after all of the accounting, VAT returns and financial requirements you need to conduct business in the UK.

Creative & Marketing Services

The specialist knowledge we provide to all of our clients can help boost brand recognition and bring additional revenue. Doing this by simply completing every task with the up most attention to detail and passion.


We are here to help make your vision a reality, from initial design to designing a professional website we are your go-to-guys.


Marketing your business correctly on a continuous basis is what we excel at here at RTM Creative, we can make sure your business gets the right traction with the people that matter.

Website & seo

First impressions are everything! A website is something that’s often overlooked. We ask why? At RTM Creative we believe that a website is the perfect place to showcase that important first impression and continued traction.


Advertising is key when getting yourself noticed, and using our creative knowledge and research your target audience will be the first to see your ads and return time and time again.

Brand Management & IP Protection

RTM Europe cover all areas of IP protection for businesses that are starting up, already trading or seeking to expand into new markets. All businesses in the new digital era need to have protection against competitors seeking to commence trading and taking advantage of registered brand (including name and reputation) or products of an existing business by registering a Trademark for a very similar name for their new business or product line.  It is a little known fact that having a Trademark “trumps” a company name, product name and or a domain name leaving a business vulnerable.   There are many horror stories where businesses have not registered a Trademark and have seen real damage done to their trading.

The RTM Europe Brand Management Team is perfectly positioned to help by either registering a new Trademark for your business/products or uniquely making available one of the many thousands of Trademarks we have that are already registered that you could benefit from.  By using an already established Trademark it could provide the protection you need sooner.

When it comes to offering advice, providing critical information around your legal protective requirements or supplying you with a solution across every angle of IP protection you need – we are here to help.

Product & Packaging Compliance (UK Trading Standards Authority)

RTM work closely with the UK Trading Standards Authority, this is the UK regulatory body that governs the retail market. Any product sold in the UK within the retail market must comply with a range of legislations from packaging, information leaflets, certification (CE Marks) and much more. RTM provide a full solution to this important element of your product launch – Ensuring you are fully compliant. 

Market research

If you are looking to sell a product in the UK it’s really important to know where your product sits within its category and the competition. RTM will tell you this, we will create a full report, complete with images of the all retailers’ shelves in the UK that sell your type of product. We list out the pricing, product specifications and advise you on how to get ahead of the competition. Information is power, and understanding exactly what the market place looks like is vital.

Amazon Management/Training

RTM are Amazon experts, we start with improving your personal understanding of Amazon, offer strategic, tactical and commercial advice – all of which is focused around implementing your Amazon strategy. We offer the following support:

  • Overview of Amazon’s Commercial Strategy and Commercial Structure
  • Advice on channel strategy including Seller, FBA, Vendor, Drop Ship, or Mix
  • Selection strategy – what to offer and what not to offer on Amazon
  • Pricing, promotion, marketing, and advertising strategy
  • Implementation – Product Set Up, Advertising (Amazon Marketing Services), Terms Negotiations, Promotions, Merchandising clean up
  • Performance measurement and reviews
  • Support with negotiations – ad-hoc and annual terms
  • Full training on how to manage Amazon accounts if and when required

Product Sourcing

Are you a retailer and have a gap in your offering? RTM can help you to source the right consumer products or add to your current offering by carefully searching the manufacturing market place to find the perfect options. Once found, RTM will act as you main point of negotiation, confirming commercials, organising the importation and distribution all the way through to the product landing in your facility. 

B2B Marketing & Sales

Many products lend themselves perfectly to the B2B space, to which this reaps significantly profitable rewards when done correctly. We have a full B2B Lead Generation, appointment setting and Telemarketing team, who are skilled at opening the doors with the right contacts, for us to be able to continue the sales process on your behalf

Our services include:

Our processes include a mixture of the following activities:

• Prospect Data Purchasing

• Email Campaigns

• Direct Mail Campaigns

• Telemarketing

• Sales Confirmations

• Order Processing

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