Hi – So you want to know a little more about us! That’s great and thanks for your interest! We are Peter and Paul (plus team) – An introduction that normally is greeted with a smile, due to the famous nursery rhyme around our names. We set our business up to bring together the vast experience we both have in consumer products sales and marketing, so we can provide a better solution for clients looking to penetrate the UK retail and consumer channels.


Retail Sales Director

Paul is known within the business as “The Oracle”. What Paul does not know about selling consumer products into major retailers in the UK is not worth knowing. Paul has supplied every single current retailer in the UK a product over the years in one way or another and has relationships forged from 35 years of successful business dealings under his belt. Paul’s black book of contacts within the industry is worth a million dollars, and an accolade he prides himself on.

Not only is Paul good about speaking “consumer Products” he is also a self-confessed pundit when it comes to his beloved game – Football. Being a lifelong Chelsea fan, he can successfully spend an entire 1 hour meeting slot passionately talking about the beautiful game – and walking out with the all important Purchase Order.


Director & Office Manager

Nikki, also known as Pete’s wife is the backbone of the offices daily activities. Nikki is our main driver around our business development, looking daily for the worlds next best thing in consumer products. Nikki also assists in our communication, marketing and sales support activities to our retail and B2B sales teams.

Nikki is the one we all watch out for, as head of client satisfaction she cracks the whip if needed.


European Account Director - SPACETALK

Peter apart from being a huge motor racing fan and ex- semi-professional rugby player, is the world’s most energetic and enthusiastic sales person on the planet. He literally never sleeps, never stops or slows down on his pursuit for that next deal. He is the life, soul and party of RTM who edges on the more youthful side of the founding partnership.

Peter spent his entire 20 year career in sales, selling everything from pencils to Formula 1 Sponsorship. He is a natural, focused and highly reactive and adaptive kind of guy – who makes things happen. His skills also shine around prospect engagement, lead generation, contact discovery and communication delivery – which means he will put you in touch with anyone you want to be connected to (and sell them a pencil).


UK Sales Manager - SPACETALK

You don’t have to know Belle for very long before you realise the size of her personality – she could literally make friends in an empty room. Belle sits within the business as the UK Sales Manager for SPACETALK one of our premium brands.

Belle Has developed relationships with Retailers and Mobile Phone providers and continues to build the brand for the future. Confident, chatty and bursting with ambition belle is an integral part of the business, buyers can’t forget her!

Belle outside of the company is very much a social butterfly, who enjoys nothing else than enjoying life, travelling and getting her groove on the dancefloor (with the odd Twerk thrown in for good measure)


RTM Business Development Manager / European Sales - SPACETALK

Harriet’s experience across freight forwarding, import/export & logistics adds to our currents teams knowledge around this key process within our industry.

Harriet is joining us with duel responsibilities.

Harriet will head up the New Business Development Team at RTM, working to uncover new brands and products for our Major Retail Partners.

Also as European Sales Manager for SPACETALK she will be developing relationships with European Retailers and Mobile Phone providers, as we roll out SPACETALK across Europe.

In her spare time she enjoys riding horses and even owns her own, also, you may also find her around the pool as she is a trained swimming instructor but does love to socialise with a drink or two (or three!)


Data Manager

Sabrina is the queen of data with excellent attention to detail, the goal is to turn data into information and information into insight and with Sabrina’s psychology degree, she sits perfectly in her role.

In her spare time, you will catch her on stage performing and singing as she has a major passion for music.


Customer Support Manager - SPACETALK

Elliot is the young gun of the firm, a tenacious, focused and charming character who due to his age is bursting with tech savviness and enthusiasm. Loved by our team and clients, Elliot manages SPACETALK UK Customer Support. Although he is young, he has plenty of experience and works well with others to provide a premium experience for our customers. A determined leader with a massive heart.

Elliot is a self-confessed music lover, knowing absolutely everything about absolutely everyone who has ever sung professionally. He can also rock the audience at a Karaoke when tempted.


Design & Digital Marketing

Sales is always supported by Marketing, which is where Joe sits. Joe is not only our creative diamond, he is also our marketing lead for our business. He has immense creative flair, vision and design capabilities and looks after a range of creative solutions and marketing options for our clients.

Joe is another football fan, and is unbelievably proud of his immaculate beard. He believes all his creative energy is stored and developed in his hairy facial extension and we promote this due to his abilities with our clients.


Retail Account Manager - Fashion

New to RTM Europe as their Fashion ‘Guru’ he believes product is KING and satisfaction for the client is a must. Matching brand to customer.

Working in the Fashion industry for over 15 Years for various TV Shopping Channels, Online Retailers and his own business. Sam has recently stepped away from buying to more of a Sales Role so he has seen it all.

There is always a few places you will find Sam, either in a coffee shop with his French Bulldog (Po) or on a beach, but always with his laptop 24/7, unless it’s a Friday after 5.30pm but he will get back to you Saturday morning.


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