RTM Europe are not all about Tech, we are also huge in the food sector. Although food was never a focus of ours in the early days, we have developed significant strength in this area by default. Buyers often move around within different buying departments, so what was once a contact in Consumer Electronics is now buying condiments and sauces. This cross pollination of departments has been the key to our success in food and drink

We work very closely with all the major Food retailers, Inc. Tesco, Sainsburys, Asda, Waitrose and M&S Food to name just a few and are confident that if your products have a market in major retail, we will find it.

Our food solution/service is based on working on a product 1 day per week for a 12-week period. This allows us enough time to generate the right traction to give you a clear understanding of how the UK market looks for your product. Naturally, in some cases this may need to be increased.

For more information, please contact Harriet Moreton on harrietm@rtm-europe.com or call our offices on 0208 017 4541

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