SPACETALK® is a 3G mobile phone, GPS tracker and watch all in one wearable device. 

Your child can make and receive calls from a set of contacts you choose in the AllMyTribe® smartphone app. 

If your child needs help, a special SOS alert function can be customised to call you and other guardians. When your child is wearing Spacetalk smart watch, you can see your child’s location on your smartphone.


The Somnox Sleep Robot helps you sleep faster, longer and wake up refreshed by slowing down your breathing, focusing your attention and playing soothing sounds.

1 out of 5 people in the world has sleeping problems. At this moment, many people rely on addictive sleep medication that have many side-effects. Somnox is on a mission to change that.

When spooning the Sleep Robot during the night you will be soothed to sleep by the following functions, tickling the senses to relax body and mind.


Compute in the complete setup

Based in Sweden, we design desks, chairs, USB microphones, computer glasses, racing simulator stands and more to make your life at the computer more comfortable and practical.


We Do Not Predict The Future, We Invent The Future.

Founded by Stanford engineering graduates in 2012, Royole’s mission is to improve the way people interact with and perceive their world. The company creates and manufactures next-generation human-machine interface technologies and products including advanced flexible displays, flexible sensors, and smart devices. 


In Jan 2003, Rain dazzled the world with the award-winning iGo desk for the Apple iMac. Rain was founded in San Francisco by friends from different backgrounds with the same vision of creating cool, original and user-friendly products. 

Today, Rain continues to design and manufacture exciting products for the personal computer and digital media market. Ideas that will hopefully make you smile.


The revolution in firefighting is here. Firexo has engineered a global game-changing liquid to extinguish all types of fire fast, with no chance of re-ignition. The Firexo mission is to save lives and transform the firefighting industry around the globe. 

The need for several traditional different fire extinguishers in one location can lead to time wasting during the fire-extinguishing process and use of the wrong substance can have disastrous consequences. Firexo eradicates this concern by tackling all types of fire with its one liquid-based solution, even cooling the material to a temperature that can be handled. The ground-breaking Firexo makes putting fires out much quicker and, most importantly, much safer in all circumstances whether it be in a household, a car or an office building that is fiercely ablaze.


Theragun is a health and wellness brand founded by chiropractor Dr. Jason Wersland in 2008 and officially launched in 2016. With over a decade dedicated to the breakthrough science of percussive therapy, Theragun continues to innovate modern solutions for muscle pain relief, performance enhancement, and faster recovery.

Today, Theragun products are used by over 250 professional sports teams worldwide, physical therapists, trainers, chiropractors, celebrities, athletes, and everyday people in over 40 countries.


The brand Marvêlle is the result of an innovative team’s effort to merge multiple components into one and the same product. The brand was launched by the accessory company The Craaft Legacy in January 2018 – whose creators were the first in the world to develop a magnetic mobile case. Also, the brand is the first to offer a magnetic case compatible with wireless charging. The mobile cases stylish design can be combined with matching wallets and accessories – all in self developed, vegan friendly material.

Style, function and innovation. Marvêlle – carry your phone smarter – is constantly at the forefront and challenges the industry. Now the brand has been nominated for the Swedish Design Award 2018 in the categories Product Design and Packaging Design.

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