Our Mission Statement

To provide a simple but better “Sales Agency” for consumer products, that’s more focused and in tune to our client’s needs, one that resonates our clients aspirations and dreams and above all delivers unrivalled results for our brands. RTM is rapidly becoming the “go to” agency for international brands looking to launch in the UK market – We expect to be the market leader in 2 years, so watch this space.

We are here to do one thing and one thing only, create success stories.


“Everything starts as an idea!”

An “Idea” is just an “Idea”, all companies start with this simple concept – An Idea. Apple, Microsoft, Uber, Amazon and even Facebook all started with the simple framework of an Idea. In June 2017 we had an idea – our idea was simple To provide a better, more focused, efficient and engaged “Sales Solution” for overseas brand owners and product manufacturers looking to penetrate the UK major retail and consumer markets. Traditionally the main route into the UK market was to rely on a distribution based model. 

This placed the onerous of “Selling” on the sales teams of the selected UK distributor, who realistically only focuses on A-Brands – as this is a far more easier way to hit targets. This is the important gap in the market that we sit in – Selling, and we are very effective at it. Route to Market Europe, our team, our philosophy and our values all strive to one single focus – SELL, SELL, SELL. As a business we neatly fit between our client’s sales aspirations and potential customers within major retail in the UK, providing an end to end solution in that sales process. We effectively provide our clients with a “UK Sales Office” where we live, love and breathe our client’s brands. 

We have contact with over 5000 Buying Managers across the largest retailers, distributors, wholesalers and re-sellers in the UK, with direct relationship and previous success stories with many of them within the Consumer Electronics, Sports, Health and Beauty, Wellness and Gaming Categories. The jewel in our crown is our network and contact list, this supported with our relentless and tireless attitude for success is the reason why RTM is so successful for our clients.

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