RTM Europe Successfully launch SPACETALK with SKY MOBILE

RTM Europe Successfully launch SPACETALK with SKY MOBILE

Route to Market Europe have been working with SPACETALK Watch for the last 10 months. Our initial brief – Investigate the UK opportunities within major retail and UK Telco’s for the SPACETALK Watch and provide a detailed Route To Market Strategy using the proven model the brand has seen in Australia and New Zealand. Our sweet spot!

RTM Europe successfully introduced SPACETALK to the 10 largest UK retailers, 3 major players within Distribution and also the usual suspects within mobile phone networks.

SPACETALK although a known brand in its home territory, was completely unknown in the UK – A kids Phone, Smart Watch and GPS Tracker. This amazing product came with its challenges, mainly because it sat in a completely new category within consumer electronics. It’s a mobile, It’s a wearable or its a fitness tracker were some of the many places our retailers placed this product.

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